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Despite not having grown up with dogs, Pete has always had a soft spot for them, and helped Wendy to find her first dog in Bahrain
after they were married. He joined in the training classes they both attended with their dogs over the years and while Wendy competed
at Obedience with their Bernese, Pete tackled the draught work competitions.
A few years ago he and Niva won first place in the Working Cart Course competitions
on a number of occasions as they've qualified from 'Beginner' through 'Intermediate' and into the 'Advanced' carting class.
More recently, Pete and Cimo have won the Silver medal twice in the annual Top Working Draught Dog competition.
Pete & Wendy also run a Bernese Mountain Dog draught work display team, the Midland Bernese Carters,
which provides displays of draught work throughout the summer, raising funds for charity.
Although having instructed the former Intermediate Class at Wolvey Woofers on a number of occasions in the past,
Pete prefers to work in a 'support' role to the Early Class, providing inductions and one-to-one help and advice when needed.
Pete also maintains the website on behalf of the club, and maintains the Membership and Attendance registers.

Pete, Niva & carting trophy ............... and enjoying the snow with Cimo & Niva

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