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Wendy grew up with a dog as a family pet from a very young age, and having lost her old dog just before she was married, lost little time in her new home in
the Middle East before finding another dog who needed a home, as his owners were going back to America.
There were no dog training classes in Bahrain, but once settled back in the UK some 28 years ago, 'Troubles' was taken to a local training class.
After he eventually died, three Bernese Mountain Dogs, Jebel, Cresta and Brig, joined the household, one after the other, and it was during this period that Wendy discovered Clicker Training and became an instant convert. She has attended several seminars and workshops around the Midlands and although her first 3 Bernese were 'cross over dogs' as regards Clicker Training, her two present Bernese, Niva and Cimo have both been trained predominantly with the Clicker.
She has done well in Bernese obedience competitions in the past and has used the same principles to train her dogs in draught work competitions,
Cresta having won the first gold medal for the most points obtained in the Advanced Working Cart Course competitions
and Brig & Niva each having achieved 'Top Draught Dog' honours in the Leonberger Draught Assessments run in Kent by the Fashqua Carting Group.
Wendy will usually be on hand to help Pete with the induction of Beginners into the Beginner / Intermediate Class,
and produces the Level Achievement booklets for the club.

Wendy, Cimo & Niva

Summer.........................and Winter

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