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The Puppy class (commencing at 7.30pm) is run by Beryl, and accepts new puppies by arrangement on a rolling basis.
It aims to provide the puppy and owner with sufficient skills and knowledge
to achieve their Kennel Club Puppy Good Citizen Award.


After the Puppy Class, dogs and owners may continue if they wish, into a Beginners class. Traditionally this has started at the same time as the Puppy Class, but as this class is now full, we have added a second Beginners Class at 8.45pm in order to cater for the demand. The two Beginners Classes will be termed the EARLY CLASS and the LATE CLASS. Currently, dogs staying on after the Puppy Class will be placed in the LATE CLASS.

For more advanced dogs, there is another LATE CLASS also starting at 8.45pm. To differentiate, these two classes are nominally LATE CLASS A (Advanced) & LATE CLASS B (Beginners).

Please note that due to demand, these classes are normally only available to dogs who have completed the Puppy Class.
Other dogs will only be accepted by agreement with Beryl & Lauren, and subject to places being available.

New dogs and their owners wishing to join this class and who have not completed the Wolvey Woofers Puppy Class
should contact Beryl in the first instance, to discuss whether any spaces are available.

Across the classes we have adopted a structured approach utilising the Dragonflyllama Training Levels -
We are using three Levels in the new structure - Those continuing after completing the Puppy Class will be provided with an introduction to the manner in which we intend to train with you, and then commence with Level One.

If you would like one, you will be given an Achievement Diary that will have your dog’s photo on the cover (and yours as well if you so wish).
There are no tests, but your instructor will be monitoring your progress and your achievements and these will be recorded by your instructors & in your diary, if you have one.
Certificates and rosettes will be presented on completion of each level.
We hope you will find that this adds an interesting dimension to your dog training and that the exercises you learn
will be helpful in everyday life.
Beyond Level 3 (Gold), we may be using a modified version of Level 4 in order to make it more relevant (& hopefully interesting) for you all.

In parallel with the 'Training Levels' we will still continue to be involved in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme however,
and the Achievement Diaries will enable you to maintain a record of your training as you & your dog
progress towards the standard for the Good Citizen Award, at whichever level.
The classes will work initially towards the standard for the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award,
and for those who've already attained it, the classes will aim to take you and your dog further
in order to assist you to try and achieve the Silver & Gold Good Citizen's Award, although these will have to be assessed elsewhere.
(And congratulations to several of our members who have
achieved their Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards ).

The Early Class

The Early Class (commencing at 7.30pm) is taken by Lauren, assisted as necessary by Val & Pete, and is currently full. It's comprised of a mix of Beginners & those dogs and owners who've completed basic training but wish to develop both their own and their dogs' training skills by achieving more Levels. Its aims are very similar to the Late Class (B).

The Beginners Late Class (B)

The Late Class (commencing at 8.45pm) is taught by Lauren and / or Beryl, and provides an introduction to the training process and initial training towards the achievement of Level 1,
aiming to teach you how to educate your dog to have good 'doggy manners', to walk nicely on the lead, come when called,
greet people without jumping up at them, walk through doorways sensibly and under control
and to 'chill out' while you hold a conversation.
in order to show them what to expect, and to introduce them to the various training instructions which they'll encounter, New dogs & owners entering the class will undergo an initial induction period with a member of the team before joining the rest of the class
The induction will also help the dogs to acclimatise to the new environment.

Training for Level One commences as soon as the puppy has finished the induction period, and is fairly easy to achieve.
Once Level 1 has been achieved the training will continue towards Level Two.

The Advanced Late Class (A)

This Late Class (commencing at 8.45pm) will be taught by either Lauren or Beryl as required, utilising the back room if necessary. Dogs in this class have previously progressed as far as Levels 2 or 3, and who wish to continue their training further.

Training Dates - JUNE to SEPTEMBER

JUNE 25th
JULY 2nd
JULY 9th
JULY 23rd
JULY 30th
SEPT 3rd
SEPT 10th
SEPT 24th


It is a condition of attending the classes, that everyone cleans up after their dog, and a part of the test procedure for the
Good Citizen's Award Scheme, which also requires you to produce your 'Poop Scoop' or bag when requested to do so.

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