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The Puppy Class is priced at 40 per dog for an eight week course, payable in two instalments of 20, one at the start and one after 4 weeks..
With effect from 1st July 2013, the Early & Late Classes are both priced at 20 per dog for each period of four weeks, payable in advance. If you miss a week or weeks, then providing that you notify us beforehand and we agree to it, we will credit you with the missed week(s). If you don't notify us, then you will forfeit the 5 for each missed week.
Dogs and owners who have joined the Early or Late Classes with our consent, but who have not been through the Puppy Class, will also be required to pay 40 for an initial period of 8 weeks, but thereafter may change to paying 4-weekly on the same terms as above.

With effect from 1st January 2010, we introduced an annual Membership Fee
in order to ensure that we can continue to cover our overheads and hopefully finish the year with a small surplus.
We remain a non-profit group, all funds being used to cover overheads, with any surplus which remains at the end of each year being donated to charity.

Membership is priced at the rate of 5 per dog, (regardless of who trains it).

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