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‘We’ (the Wolvey Woofers Management Team – also known as ‘Beryl’s Gang’, or ‘Us’) undertake to try to teach you to train your dog in a kind and positive manner.
Advice and suggestions which we may give during the class however, are based on our experience & opinions
as to what might work for you and your dog, and should not necessarily be taken to be the only possible solution.
Whether or not you follow any advice is entirely your choice,
and we cannot be held responsible for the outcome.

In order to participate in this training process however, you & your dog will need to become Members of Wolvey Woofers.
To do this, you will need to fill in a Membership Application form and pay a small annual membership fee.
(Membership Application Forms are available from any one of Beryl's Gang')

The membership fee applies to your dog rather than to you, so for each additional dog you bring along,
you will need to pay an additional membership fee.
The plus side however, is that more than one person can come along with you to learn to train your dog, without the need to pay anything extra (within reason, obviously – an entire extended family of 20 odd people turning up might be pushing it!)

Each November, We will decide what the membership fee for the coming year will be, and let you know before Christmas.

We’ll collect your membership fee from you, normally during the first training evening in January,
and your membership will run from 1st January until the 31st December.

If you join Wolvey Woofers part way through the year, We won’t normally knock off a discount unless you join on or after 1st September, when We’ll halve the membership fee for the remainder of the year. If you join on or after 1st November, We’ll be really nice and not charge you a membership fee until 1st January.

We won’t bother giving you a membership card (since they normally get lost, get left in a pocket & put in the washing machine, get eaten by the dog, shredded by the cat, or scribbled on by the toddler), but We will give you a copy of these rules.

One of Us will maintain a record of members, including who’s paid & who hasn’t, so we all know where we stand.

There have to be a few perks of being in charge, and one of these is that We get to decide who can be a member and who can’t, so We reserve the right to decline any application for membership (but We don’t expect to have to use this sanction very often though).

Another one is that We can end your membership if you’ve been naughty, if you don’t cough up the membership fee, or if you stay away for a long time without letting us know why. If We have to end your membership, We get to keep your membership fee too, which is another bonus for Us.

‘Being naughty’ includes ignoring the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ below – We won’t chuck you out for a first offence, but if you carry on ignoring them after We’ve reminded you, We might throw our toys out of the pram and not let you play with our ball any more (ie. end your membership).

There are a few basic Dos and Don’ts that We will have to insist upon. We’re sure you all comply with these already, but for the record they are -

Handlers / owners or trainers of dogs MUST clean up after their dogs while they are on the premises

No bitches in season may be brought onto the premises
Dogs which are unwell should not normally be brought onto the premises
The use of Check Chains is not permitted
The use of Spray Collars and other similar aversives is not permitted
Abusive behaviour towards dogs is not permitted –
(‘abuse’ in this context may include kicking, hitting, use of excessive force or unwarranted shouting at your dog
– do any of these and We might have to shout at you)


In addition to the annual Membership Fee (which helps towards the cost of insurance),
We also need to charge you a fee for each class you attend –
this goes towards the cost of hiring the hall, and the general running costs of the Club.

When you first join Wolvey Woofers, you will need to pay in advance for a complete course of 8 weeks.
Once you’ve paid for the 8 weeks (either in Puppies or in the Early or Late Class) you then have the choice of either paying for a further 8 weeks, or paying in advance for 4 weeks rather than 8.

From time to time We will decide how much the class fees will be,
and providing you let Us know in advance if you’re unable to attend for a particular week or weeks, then We’ll normally credit you with those weeks, so that you don’t lose out. If you fail to notify us, then the pre-payment for the missed week(s) will be forfeited.

So - if you are unable to attend Training Class, you can preserve your pre-paid dosh by notifying one of Us by either phone, text or e-mail. This will also ensure that your place in the class is retained, because if you’re away for 3 or more consecutive weeks without letting Us know, (not including weeks when no classes are held) you might lose your place in the class, unless of course the absence is as the result of an emergency situation which is beyond your control.

Because there’s a constant trickle of members coming up from the puppy class, once you’ve lost your place,
you might only be able to re-join the class if and when a place becomes vacant, and you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you.

We hope you won’t find these rules too onerous, and look forward to continuing to train you all

Beryl’s Gang
1st July 2013

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