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As usual, the last training evening before the Christmas break was devoted to our Christmas Party.
Once again 15 dogs and their well trained owners turned up to enjoy themselves with a number of traditional doggy party games, socialise and tuck into the party food.

And Here We All Are

Dave was kept busy providing tea and coffee, and was also persuaded to judge the Fancy Dress competition, while Beryl, Lauren, & Val organised the games and competitions, Pete kept the scores and took the photos, and Pauline and Wendy were kept busy providing encouragement and support.

Proceedings opened with the two 'FANCY DRESS competitions'. The Small Dogs contest was won by LOUISE & HUGHIE , while the Large Dogs contest was won by MARK & DEXTER.

Not everyone managed to return their dogs' appearance to something approaching normality before they were divided into two teams - 'A' & 'B' for the 'OBSTACLE COURSE GAME', which was won by Team 'A'.

We continued the festivities with the 'MUSICAL CROSSES GAME'. This was like musical chairs, but instead of chairs, the dogs had to sit on a diminishing number of crosses whenever the music stopped. It was impossible to separate the last two dogs, who both managed to get a cheek on the cross, so they were declared Joint Winners - well done PAUL & BISCUITS, and ELLENA & MONTY.

There was then a brief interlude during which several presentations were made. The Wolvey Woofers Cup was awarded to TIMMY, LOLA was awarded her Level 2 Certificate, and Level 1 certificates were awarded to FLORRIE and BAXTER.

After the Group photo, there was one final game before we broke for food - this was the TEAM RECALL GAME, which was won this time by TEAM 'B', so honours were even.

Everyone contributed something to the wonderful spread on the food table, but especially notable were the festively decorated cup cakes provided by Beth.
The break also provided everyone with the opportunity to pick a prize from the LUCKY DIP basket, and have a go at the SECRET SANTA table, which raised 34 for Dogs For The Disabled.

After tucking into the food, the games resumed with SIMON SAYS . Once again it was impossible to catch out the last 4 dogs, so well done Debbie & CLEMMIE, Mark & DEXTER, Beth & LOLA and Tracy & FRANKIE.

We finished the evening with 'PASS THE PARCEL', which, after much tearing of paper was won by Claire & TILLIE.

We hope you all enjoyed the party, and look forward to taking your training to new heights next year, when Classes resume on MONDAY 6th JANUARY 2014.