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The last training evening before the Christmas break was devoted once again to our annual Christmas Party.
15 dogs and their well trained owners turned up to enjoy themselves with a number of traditional doggy party games, socialise and tuck into the party food.

Getting Ready for the fray

Dave was kept busy providing tea and coffee, Vickie was persuaded to judge the Fancy Dress competition, while Beryl, Lauren, & Val organised the games and competitions, Pete kept the scores and took the photos, and Pauline and Wendy were kept busy providing encouragement and support.

Proceedings opened as usual with the two 'FANCY DRESS competitions'. The Small Dogs contest was won by SIMON & FLORRIE ; Second was Dianne with CINDY & POLLY, and Third were Rosemary & BRAMBLE.
The Large Dogs contest was won by MARGARET & POLLY; Second were Michael & TIZZY, and Third were Samantha & MABEL.

Photos of the entrants' creativity may be viewed by clicking on this link

Everyone then managed to return their dogs' appearance to something approaching normality before they were divided into two teams - 'RED' & 'GREEN' for the 'DRESSING UP / OBSTACLE COURSE GAME', which was won by the GREEN Team, comprised of FRANKIE, SUMMER-LEE, MABEL, both LOLAs, POLLY, BRAMBLE and CINDY.

This was followed by the SIT / DOWN / STAND game, which was won jointly by Brian & LOLA and George & TIMMY.

George & TIMMY continued their success by winning the FASTEST SIT game as well, while the best PUPPY SITS was won by Sue & BRACKEN.

It seemed to be a night for joint winners, as Rosemary & BRAMBLE tied with Tracy & FRANKIE to win SIMON SAYS as well.

During the break for refreshments, to which everyone contributed, making a truly fantastic spread once more, we held several presentations, most notably a sad farewell to PAULINE & BRIAN, who were retiring from the team after a very long association with Wolvey Woofers, having been with us since we were 'Confident Canines'.
Among their presents was a lovely plaque, embroidered by Rosemary.
Their presentation was followed by Tracy & Jon with FRANKIE, who had achieved their Level 2 award, Vickie & GEORGIE who had achieved their Level 1 award and Dana & MURPHY who had achieved their Puppy Good Citizen award. Their photos may be accessed through the Members' Achievements page using the link on the left.

After the break we continued with PASS THE PARCEL, which, after much unwrapping, was won by Dianne & CINDY, and finished the very enjoyable evening with MUSICAL CROSSES, in which youth triumphed over experience, being won by Dana & MURPHY.

Classes have now finished for the Christmas & New Year break, and will resume on MONDAY 5th JANUARY, when we hope to see you all back again, refreshed and invigorated.

So finally we hope you all had
and we wish you a