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Puppy Classes

We aim to help you teach your puppy the life-skills needed to enable them to cope with the environment that they live in.  We will do this is a positive, fun way using lots of praise and rewards.

We will help your puppy to learn 

  • to be a happy and contented puppy

  • that he cannot always do what he wants when he wants it

  • to chill, relax and settle when needed

  •  to swap things he should not have for things he can have

  • to be left alone for short periods

  • to come back when called and start the process of walking nicely on the lead

Your length of course will depend on what you and your puppy need, normally this is 8 weeks.  This is paid in blocks of £20 for 4 weeks.

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Puppies can join our classes as soon as they have been signed off by their vet after completing their vaccination course.

If you have any questions, please get in touch us via the Contact Us page.

If you wish to register for the puppy class, please follow the link below.

Puppy Classes: Services
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